Professional Summary

My Expertise and Experience


My main content specialisations are:

  • Travel & culture

  • Natural health and wellbeing

  • Personal development and Law of Attraction

  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness

  • Natural beauty, holistic & complementary therapies

  • Fitness and nutrition

  • Spirituality and Buddhism

  • Veganism, animal rights and the environment



I have direct working experience in all of these areas, and I regularly create content for clients in these niches. 


Although these are my biggest personal interests, I am an experienced writer and researcher and can take on any topic that is required of me. 


I am a native British English speaker but can easily (and regularly do) adapt to American English.

A Sharp Eye for Detail


I am extremely meticulous with my work - my friends call me a perfectionist. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, flow, and style are all crucial elements of my work.


This translates into flawless copy for my writing work, and the highest standards of proofreading and editing. 

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Services & Skills

Content Creation  SEO Writing     Social Media Management    eBooks 
  Proofreading & Editing   Ghostwriting   Keyword Research  

Email Marketing    Meditation & Hypnosis Scripts   Creative Writing 


Freelance Writing & Content Creation

I have been a freelancer since 2015. During that time I have created many articles, blog posts, social media posts and eBooks.

Past projects include:

  • Destination guides & tour descriptions

  • Health & fitness articles

  • Social media campaigns

  • Email newsletters

  • Yoga practice guides & articles

  • Meditation and hypnosis scripts & recordings

Freelance Proofreading & Editing

Working in this field also sine 2015, my past proofreading and editing projects include:

  • In-house editor for a photography website

  • eBooks & print books

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Essays & personal statements

Past Career 

Along with my extensive experience with freelance writing, editing and proofreading, I have direct experience in all of my specialist topics:

  • Natural beauty & holistic therapy practice owner

  • Holistic nutrition health coach 

  • Yoga & meditation teacher

  • Long-haul cabin crew for British Airways

  • Overseas resort staff in Europe

  • Vegan yoga retreat owner & organiser 

  • Vegan and raw food workshops


Institute for Integrative Nutrition


I studied holistic health and life coaching at the world's largest nutrition school, IIN.

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training


I completed a 200 hour yoga and meditation teaching qualification.

Isis Beauty Academy

2009 - 2010

VTCT Level 3 Advanced Beauty Therapy.

During this time I also gained multiple holistic and alternative therapy diplomas with various schools.


These specialisms include:

  • Many types of massage therapy

  • Natural skincare formulation

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Reiki (energy healing)


My main interests are:

  • Travelling and exploring different cultures

  • Writing - I am writing a personal development book, a poetry collection and a fantasy novel

  • Reading - fantasy, horror, poetry, personal development and spiritualism

  • Personal development - journaling, mindfulness, meditation, Law of Attraction

  • Fitness - yoga, walking, weight training

  • Veganism - activism, cooking

  • Theatre and the arts

  • Music, live gigs, concerts and festivals

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